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Rayon Queens, newsletter and podcast [03-10-08]

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Rhyl Funfair film - Tragic mum speaks out - Rayon Queens - Wrexham's new boss - Rants and Raves - Podcast - and much more...

Watch: Rhyl Funfair film
Use the iplayer to watch old footage of Rhyl Fun Fair down the years until it closed in 2007.

Saunders leads Wrexham
New Wrexham boss Dean Saunders admits he is 'putting his neck on the line' by agreeing to help rescue the Welsh club from non-league obscurity. Meanwhile, fans share their thoughts on his appointment.

Rayon Queens
BBC Radio Wales and producer Tracy Cardwell reunite the women workers of Courtaulds, Flint, for a special programme.

Bereaved mother's plea

The mother of David Wares, 22, from Prestatyn, vows to do "whatever it takes" to teach the dangers of speeding after her son's death.

Town Talk
Saltney - Cllr Elliott: "Come on - I got elected for you guys, get me working! Come to our meetings, ask us questions, get us working for you. I can't do anything if you don't tell me!"

Buckley - Buckie: "Don't the people of Buckley have anything to say? They have the means to voice their opinion, but seldom do. Come on, get writing - let the people know what you are thinking. If you have something to say, say it!"

Flint - Flinty: "Do Flint councillors read this website? Why not? These are the people off Flint speaking, and they are not being listened to. It all falls on deaf ears. Why oh, why don't they listen."

Artists in the spotlight
Artists living and working in NE Wales tell us about their work.

Rants and Raves
Owain Glyndwr and Welsh pride - M: "The Welsh are noted for their tenacity and stoicism. Yes, we are proud of our heritage and of Owain Glyndwr who fought for our country and its people. We honour it with our flag. CYMRU AM BYTH!"

Landudno women's league footballer Sarah - Fossil: "Junction ladies wish our teammate Sarah Colville a speedy recovery after her terrible injuries during last Sunday's game. Sarah has broken her tibia, fibula and ankle and has been back and forth to theatre with muscle pressure complications."

Welsh and Polish - N: "I recently met a couple from Poland and they spoke to me in Welsh first, that's impressive! I went to my local shop and the Polish girl behind the counter spoke to me in Welsh! No English person around here has ever done that."

Podcast - NE Wales Update
This week, we hear from the new manager at Wrexham FC; Good Evening Wales speaks to the Leader of Denbighshire Council following criticism over the setting up of the Hyfrydle autistic centre in Denbigh and we discover why Llandudno needs a new home for its lifeboat. People in Wrexham give their verdict on silent calls; Richard Evans discovers tea-rooms are doing good business despite the credit crunch and Nan Pickering meets a puppy in training for a very important job.

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