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Newsletter and podcast [27-06-08]

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LATEST UPDATES: Big cats - Wrexham's Olympic hope - Liverpool's Welsh - Digging in the dung - Rants and Raves - Photos: Heavens above! - Watch and Listen - Wildlife on the doorstep - Family Fun - and much more...

Big cats
Police confirm there have been 40 sightings of panthers and big cats in the region over the last few years.

Wrexham's Olympic hope
Rower Tom wins a place in the famous fours - but he only took up the sport after injury stopped him from running.

History Today
Working memories - Industrial history told from the point of view of the workers.
Factory photos - Memories and photos of Courtaulds' staff in Flint and Greenfield.

In Pictures
Heavens above! - A collection of your photos showing an array of sunrise and sunsets.
Wildlife on the doorstep - Taking a closer look at flora, fauna and wildlife closer to home.

Family Fun
There are lots of fun days coming up in Chirk, Flint, Wrexham and elsewhere.

Town Talk
Buckley rant - Dweller: "Don't the councillors know that Buckley is the biggest town in Flintshire and has the worst amenities of them all. Going to build 300 new houses and nowhere for them to shop only out of town - good thinking councillors."

Mold's former WWII weapons factory - Colin: "It is a beautiful place, please contact us and arrange to visit the site. There are no secrets - bring a camera."

Flint supermarket - Peter: "I hope the new Sainsbury's brings in the volume of shoppers that the town needs."

Wrexham's old Hippodrome - Nicola: "It's gone, another part of Wrexham history the council has killed. Things move on though. Who knows, in 100 years' time future generations may be saying 'save Island Green from demolition'..."

Audio / Video
Liverpool's Welsh - Listen again as BBC Radio Wales and Merseyside link up to talk about local connections

Watch: Digging in the dung - Julie doesn't 'do nature' - so why is she digging in the dung?

Podcast: From 1pm today, listen to a round-up of the week's news from the region aired on BBC Radio Wales

Local video - The BBC wants to provide more local news in the form of video online. Find out more about the proposals and how to have your say:

Bye for now [Hwyl am y tro]

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