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u tink txt is gr8?

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 12:28 UK time, Wednesday, 21 May 2008

BBC News Wales has been reporting linguistics expert Professor David Crystal suggesting that this type of condensed message enhances and enriches language skills.

But can you agree when he suggests that more often than not, people know when to use it and in the right context? The reason I ask is because we receive comments from people discussing all manner of issues on this site, and often it's in that abbreviated form of written speech, aka txt talk.

Don't you think it can diminish the quality of a person's argument if it's written in the rushed txt form? Here's an extract of poem showing when it does work - written by and for young people:

Dear peers of mine wat r we thinkin?
Our health and lives r slowly driftin.
Can't u c ure hurtin each otha?
Can't u c ure hurtin ya mothas?

Read the full poem, Generation X

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