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Newsletter [16-05-08]

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 11:32 UK time, Friday, 16 May 2008

Weekly highlights from

Festival time - Donkey exhibition - Dodging the bombs - War photography - Big cat sightings and UFOs - Rants and Raves - and much more...

Donkey exhibition
Fondness for the donkeys who plied their trade on Rhyl beach has inspired an exhibition.

Festival time
A round-up with quick links to all the main festivals coming up in the region.

Rants and Raves
Migrant workers - Sabrina: "Get on with life. Get on with each other. Simple as."

Wrexham's £100m development - Roz: "It is a blot on the landscape, and the shops in the town centre will be the ones who pay the price when they close and the employees lose their jobs."

'For Flint night life go to Mold' - Quimby: "I went out a few weeks back on a Friday and went in the George - two other people in there. Most other pubs were dead. Look what's going on in Mold..."

Dodging the bombs
As part of a history project with former WWII evacuees, contributor 'Oldboots' writes about coming from London to Wrexham as a child - a decision taken in an air-raid shelter the night bombing started.

War photographer
Two TV programmes are being screened in tribute to the late Philip Jones Griffiths from Rhuddlan whose Vietnam War photos became iconic.

Weird Wales!
Big cat sightings - The recent good weather has led to a rash of new sightings.

Govt. release files on Welsh UFOs - A number of sightings from the 1970s have just been made public, but nothing new has emerged about so-called 'Welsh Roswell', the multiple sightings at Berwyn in 1974.

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