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'Bosses should lead like Brunstrom!'

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 12:11 UK time, Thursday, 1 May 2008

That's according to Guardian journalist Patrick Butler who discusses whether chief executives of big organisations should be using the web more to give an account of themselves - just like North Wales Police Chief Constable, Richard Brunstrom.

There will be many people who believe, often for good reason, that it is simply not done for public servants to sound off in public. Would we be comfortable with the commander in chief of the armed forces being so frank about government policy?

And yet chief executives of public organisations are no longer expected to be mere administrators. In the era of the £200,000-a-year council chief executive, they are also expected to be leaders - arguing the case for policy, engaging in debate, demonstrating accountability, and providing a degree of transparency about the organisation's work.

Brunstrom's blog certainly ticks those boxes in ways that vapid annual reports and anodyne press releases will never succeed in doing. If you want to know "why" north Wales police are doing something, as opposed to "what" they are doing, the blog is instructive. And it tells you a lot about his personal style, where he is "coming from", how he wishes to present himself

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