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Newsletter [20-03-08]

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LATEST UPDATES: Coal tip marriage plea - Easter fun - C'mon Wrexham! - Tributes for photographer Philip - What you get with a tenner in Flint - Wrexham's 'Quatermass Experiment' - Coal House 2 needs you - Rants and Raves - Help with Welsh - and much more...

Podcast: NE Wales Update
We'll be uploading this week's podcast shortly where you can listen to highlights of this week's local news courtesy of BBC Radio Wales, including the mystery romantic - now thought to be a woman - who painted a marriage proposal in giant letters on the side of Bersham coal tip.

Easter fun
Use our quick links for ideas about things to do with the family over the Easter holidays.

C'mon Wrexham
Wrexham boss Brian Little praises players' mental strength as they try to pull themselves clear of relegation.

Town talk
Flint shops - Prof Egg: "I am interested in the discussion on the availability of bargain basement shops in our town. I challenged 12 volunteers to pop down to the Parade with a ten pound note to see if they could pick up..."

Denbigh tourism - John: "I was watching 'Wales Today' on BBC1 which featured an excellent report about promoting tourism in Dolgellau. It made me quite jealous and wonder if folk in Denbigh would benefit from..."

Wrexham - Peter: "Just witness the shops that have recently closed, it is inevitable that more will join them as a result of the Quatermass Experiment taking shape on the former Eagles Meadow which will result in even more traffic chaos."

Rants and Raves
Help with Welsh - Rosemary: "I wonder if anyone who is English speaking and has children who attend a Welsh medium school could let me know how they have managed. I would be grateful for any support anyone could give!"

Toys - Irene: "...Maureen had the first 'teenage' doll I had ever seen, eg. it had a bust! Probably one of the first Barbie dolls."

Deeside skatepark - Joel: "The skatepark in Wepre is a fantastic thing, another place where children of pretty much all ages can gather and enjoy a social activity together and out of the way of anyone's houses or cars or other dangers."

Photographer Philip Jones Griffiths
Philip Jones Griffiths, renowned for his coverage of the Vietnam war, has died at the age of 72. And we've received tributes from as far as Honolulu and India.

Coal House 2 needs you!
We need families and individuals for BBC Wales's next series of Coal House.

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