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Newsletter [29-02-08]

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 13:27 UK time, Friday, 29 February 2008

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LATEST UPDATES: Earthquake experiences - Sport's feminine role models - My first car - Housing estate stigma - 'Tesco's too rich for me' - Woken on Sundays by a dive bombing pilot - Wrexham Science Festival - St David's Day events and Mother's Day - Listen: Podcast - Latest photos

Earthquake experiences
Your comments started coming in just minutes after the earthquake struck us:

St David's Day and Mother's Day
Info on some of the local events marking St David's Day, including free cake!
Somebody's Mother - The poem you love to read and recite.

Latest photo
Erddig - Gary shares photos from around Erddig country park.

Town talk
Caia Park stigma - J: "I think that people have a great misconception about people from Caia Park. We are not all lazy druggies as some may think. Yes, there are some who do not want to work, some who take drugs etc, but that happens everywhere not just here in the park. Another thing to think about is..."

Holywell's new Tesco - Dave: "Went into Tesco the other night, was really looking forward to it. Saw the prices, turned round and went back to Somerfield. I know my place!"

Flint town - Karen: "Does anyone else think that there has been no progress in the town over the past 30 years? In my view the people in control have taken all the character out of the place."

Wrexham congestion - Karl: "Isn't it about time Wrexham had a park and ride full time? It would surely ease congestion in the town centre and provide better and much needed parking spaces."

Sporting role models
Wrexham Science Festival [March 6-15] - Athlete Dame Tanni Grey Thompson is in town for the festival and event highlights include Cool Science, Sharks Exposed, Giant Mousetrap and Preparing Athletes for the Olympic Games.

Watch: Paralympian's hopes - Welsh international horse rider Nicola Tustain's search for a horse in time for Beijing has been the focus of a TV report on BBC Wales Sport.

Listen: NE Wales Update
Use the podcast to listen again to this week's local highlights from BBC Radio Wales - updated Fridays, 1pm, including how a dip into the sacred waters at Holywell can do wonders for the spirit.

Rants and raves
Dive bombing pilot - Jim: "Each Sunday morning one of the RAF [Sealand] pilots would dive bomb us at about daybreak to ensure that we were awake."

My first car - Alun: "Deemed to be too expensive to repair the car was given to me. It cost the princely sum of £2/10/0 to have it towed home. Following many months of hard work, in an open garage to the rear of Bowens shop in Well Street, Cefn Mawr, the car finally emerged..."

Teen pregancies - Katie: "What would you say to a 30 year old woman if she got pregnant and it wasn't planned? Would you say she should have an abortion? Probably not because she is older, and in my opinion that is wrong."

Author Alexander Cordell - Anne: "If you've read it [Song of the Earth], I'm sure you'll understand that feeling of all the five senses being involved in the experience. Mind-blowing! He was a true weaver of words."

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