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The trouble with Wrexham...

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 08:29 UK time, Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The effects Wrexham's Eagles Meadow redevelopment could have on other shops and ideas about solving the town's congestion problems are among the issues people want to discuss today:

Sue: "Hurrah! Another monstrous shoppping development that has nothing to do with Wrexham's architectural history will suck existing shops out of the town centre and cause traffic chaos on the inadequate road network. Wrexham HAD the kind of areas that COULD have been made as attractive as Chester, Shrewsbury or Oswestry for shoppers, combining old and new, but no, the planners would rather impose a mighty monolith on us [Eagles Meadow]. Wrexham's one famous view, the church tower, is blotted out. More congestion, more chainstores that can be found anywhere in the UK, the demise of smaller shops."

Over to Philip who has equally strong views - and ideas about ways to deal with congestion problems: "I moved here recently from Telford. Telford has it's own traffic problems but nothing like the problems in Wrexham. The biggest problem is that Wrexham never was (and still isn't) designed for heavy traffic. The one or two roads that can handle traffic feed off or onto roads that can't cope so there is still chaos.

"To alleviate the problems at Plas Coch, the short stretch of road between the NEWI roundabout and the big roundabout should have two lanes. That way traffic travelling straight along Plas Coch road won't get held up at the first roundabout, and traffic turning into town won't be held up by traffic joining the bypass as they approach the second roundabout. The council seem to like illogical one way systems on small roads that aren't used by anyone anyway ... how about a logical one way system on a road that is actually over used? Make Grosvenor Road/Rhosddu Road/King Street/Regent Street into a two-lane one way system. This will allow traffic to be "split up" and "spread out" so there is less congestion."

Over to you. Talk congestion or talk Eagles Meadow.

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