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Who has got the best Christmas lights? Not us!

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 08:20 UK time, Friday, 7 December 2007

There doesn't seem to be too much Christmas cheer around this week with contributors grumbling about the [poor] quality Christmas decorations in our towns.

Chris started it all off ranting about the lack of Christmas lights in Connah's Quay, and then sarcasm afflicted so-called Off Flint over the lights in their town. Over night, Wrexham Lad came down with similar symptoms in Wrexham.

Says Chris: "Can anyone please explain why as taxpayers of Connah's Quay we never seem to get the same benefits as our neighbours in Shotton? Is it too much to ask for a few xmas lights? When you pass through Shotton into the Quay it's like entering the black hole of Calcutta! Could it be that my tax contribution pays for the lights in Shotton?"

Meanwhile, over in Flint, contributor Off Flint says: "Top marks to the Christmas lights in the town centre this year, but wrapping lights around a conifer by the Mecca Bingo and calling it the town's Christmas tree is really poor, we used to have a great tree."

There's not much Christmas cheer in Wrexham either [view the town centre webcam for a profile shot of the tree].

Wrexham Lad, Natalie and Tone aren't happy. Wrexham Lad has a few things to get off his chest, including: "The Christmas event in Queens Square what a joke - where all the big names we're used to having?"

On a more upbeat note, thanks to Santa and his charity helpers who came round homes in Mold this week Ho! Ho! Ho-ing because my little daughter was over the moon when she got to tell the big man what she wanted this year [a twin buggy].

You in the Christmas spirit yet?

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