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What price progress?

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 10:27 UK time, Monday, 10 December 2007

It's a cliche as headlines go these days, but it seems to sum up the feelings of contributors worried, angry and sorry to see the changes to some of our towns, including Wrexham, Buckley, and Rhyl.

Wil, a regular contributor to this website, points out that a 50 minute 'town link' bus service around the town centre passes a host of old business:

"...I passed the former sites of 1 rail repair/goods yard, 1 oil refinery, 3 breweries, 3 leather works, 1 bottling plant, a gasworks and a huge bus garage. Only the gasworks has been moved to the industrial estate, the others have been lost, and the shops built in their place do not pay the wages that could be earned in those industries.

"People of Wrexham, what's being done to our town? In the fruitless pursuit of city status by our self-serving councillors we have become a dormer area for the adjacent REAL cities. Badger your councillors to stop all this residential development and let's get some factories built, or the empty ones filled, so that you can earn a decent wage to buy a decent home."

Then there's all the comments we've been receiving about changes at Rhyl and now we've had comments in about building on land at Buckley to make way for a clinic. Writes H:

"The local health board are considering building the new clinic on one of the two school football pitches at the Elfed High School. Do the local councillors agree with this? Do the school governors want to sell off the crown jewels, open space in the middle of Buckley? This ground will be worth millions in years to come, build on it now, and it will be lost to the town forever. I hope they will not be silly enough to do it."

Last week we started discussing High Street changes and shopping habits and the effects major supermarkets appear to be having on our towns.

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