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Memoryshare - the new way for us to preserve the past

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 13:12 UK time, Monday, 31 December 2007

We're piloting an all-Wales and local BBC Memoryshare [what's this?] service to improve the way contributors to our Local History sections can share their memories of life in our local communities and add to other people's memories.

I'd like to invite you and, in particular, our regular contributors to use the service and you'll see it's an improvement on the pages we currently use which, due to their popularity, are becoming long and make it increasingly difficult for people to search and find things. They're a victim of their own success

Take a look at the number of comments on this popular page for Flint and you'll see what I mean. But BBC Memoryshare enables you to search via a timeline, a place name or date or even a keyword [eg. BBC Radio Clwyd - the first thing I've added under the pen name Wales Memoryshare Host].

Memoryshare keeps all related comments together so you don't have to search several pages to find something of interest and it also uses RSS [what's this?] so you can be alerted when something of interest is added to the site rather than having to check back to see for yourself if there has been an update.

Something else you'll find of benefit is that your memories can be posted immediately and you'll no longer have to wait for us to upload them - and we won't be editing them - so you'll have greater control.

There are lots more things to mention and new improvements planned for the local history section so we'll keep you posted. As always, we'd welcome your feedback.

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