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Did the earth move for you - again?

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 16:55 UK time, Sunday, 2 December 2007

BBC NEWS | Wales | Tremors shake up parts of Wales

Minor earth tremors struck parts of north and mid Wales on Friday night, reports BBC News.

Just a month ago there was another tremor confirming our previous blog that these minor earthquakes are quite common.

Contributor Malcolm Strong was the first to get in touch on Friday: "Tonight around 10pm my wife and I felt,
what we thought at the time was someone or something knocking/colliding at/with the front of the house. We investigated but could see no one, only our neighbour reversing a car into their drive. We live in Garth, near Llangollen. About 20 mins later our son phoned from Rhewl, Llangollen, 7 miles from us, to say that he thought they had experienced an eartquake. Are their any other reports?"

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