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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 15:40 UK time, Thursday, 8 November 2007

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LATEST UPDATES - Bull runs amok - Knickers in the window - Listen: NE Wales podcast - Watch: Llangollen - Rants and Raves - What a tasty dish! - Hospital sued - Relegation fears, Wrexham FC and Fergie - Beast of Brymbo sighted again - Ghost caught on camera? - and much more

Bull runs amok in village
Police marksmen shot a runaway bull after it escaped from a slaughterhouse and almost ran down a woman in Rhos, Wrexham.

NE Wales podcast
Listen online with Adam Walton for a round-up of the news, sport, entertainment and stories from NE Wales that have aired this week on BBC Radio Wales. The podcast is updated from 1pm every Friday.

Llangollen: It's in the bag!
Watch online this week's BBC Wales consumer programme X-Ray which follows a family from Llangollen who are helping the town to become the first to give up using plastic bags.

History today
Knickers in the window - Ron shares stories like the time the vicar's wife threatened to close down a Deeside youth club after she paid a surprise visit and found a pair of knickers hanging in a window.
Sam's café - Paul: "I was one of the contingent who used to visit Sam's [Wrexham] regularly in the Sixties. I can remember 50 plus bikes parked up some nights and despite the throngs I cannot remember an argument."

News round-up
Wrexham FC - Darren Ferguson says Wrexham would not be in danger of relegation if he had been made manager.
Hospital sued - Parents of a 13-year-old girl whose arm was disabled at birth launch a legal bid to sue a hospital for negligence.
Prison's £17m economy boost claim - A jail for north Wales would create thousands of jobs and bring millions of pounds into the area, research finds.
National Trust in 'hypocrisy' row - NT criticised as its chairman opposes new housing developments while the body plans to sell land for new homes in Wrexham.

What a tasty dish!
People from different cultures share their favourite dishes along with local food producers like Jo [truffle maker], Jody [jam maker], Richard [trout farmer], and Falmai [dairy owner].

Rants and Raves
Corwen's new statue - Susan: "The Owain Glyndwr statue is being unveiled on Friday with a massive celebration in Welsh and English with free refreshments and entertainment in the pubs in town. It should be fantastic."
Wrexham congestion - Liz: "I can't believe how bad it's gone in the last three years. Park and ride seems a good option..."
Northop Hall farmer - Nick: "Tributes have been paid following the death of a farmer following an accident."

Weird stories
Beast of Brymbo - Paranormal investigator and author Richard shares the bizarre story of a 6ft cow-like creature witnessed on three separate occasions in the Wrexham village.
Ghost caught on camera? - Have Verne and Cindy taken a holiday snap showing Ruthin Castle hotel's Grey Lady?
Weird round-up - We've also had reports of a low-flying phantom plane, G reckons to have driven through a ghost, cleaner Anon bumped into a ghost in the loo and Daniel talks about an encounter with a big cat. You couldn't make it up, could you?

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