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Dwi ddim yn dallt [I don't understand]

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 10:45 UK time, Monday, 5 November 2007

Another Wenglish entry as dwi'n dysgu Cymraeg [I'm learning Welsh]

Hwre, ffindies i rywun arall sydd ddim yn medru dallt opera sebon Pobl y Cwm ar y teledu.
[Hurrah, I've found someone else unable to understand soap opera Pobl y Cwm on the TV]

I thought it was just me achos maen nhw'n siarad yn rhy gyflym i mi dallt [because they speak so fast]. I get caught up trying to understand each sentence that I miss the sense, the plot, everything.

I am determined to crack this problem which is due to trying to understand a different Welsh dialect [Valleys], and due to the speed at which fluent speakers speak their language.

Felly, dwi'n defynddio yr isdeitlau a ffindio dwi dal ddim yn medru dallt.
[Therefore, I use the subtitles and find I still don't understand]

Bore ma, ddarllenes i [This morning, I read] blogger Arwen from has the same problem:

"Are they speaking Welsh? Anyone know? I sure couldn't tell. Well, no, that's not true, I did hear a 'diolch' here and there and I think somebody said something about loving somebody else. But that was about it."

Dwi'n gwybod mae na lawer o 'dialects' yng Nhymru a'r rhaglen yn dwad o'r cwmoedd ond that doesn't help a dysgwr fel fi sy'n dysgu yng Ngogledd Cymru.

[I know that there are lots of dialects in Wales and the programme comes from the Valleys but that doesn't help a learner like me learning in North Wales]. Maybe they should make an omnibus version each week specially for us learners up here in North Wales!

There is one good thing for Arwen and myself. The Pob y Cwm website has a handy vocab service which offers translation hints - but it doesn't do all the hard work for us learners. Da iawn [Very good].

Hwyl am y tro [Bye for now]

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