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Caught speeding - learning the error of our ways

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 10:36 UK time, Thursday, 15 November 2007

I was one of a dozen people [just three were women] invited to spend three hours attending a speed awareness course [in our own time] yesterday for drivers caught by police speeding at up to 6mph over the 30mph limit- instead of getting three points on our driving licences.

I've just uploaded a short film via mobile phone to give you an insight to the course which is organised by Flintshire Council and run from Greenfield Business Centre, near Holywell.

There's a lot of publicity about how efficient [or over-zealous] North Wales Police are at catching speeders but what I gleaned yesterday was worthwhile. The main thing I have taken away from the course which refreshed our understanding of the Highway Code was this:

Statistics show that 20 percent of pedestrians die when hit by a car at 30mph, 50 percent die when struck by a car at 35mph. Don't speed! Lecture over. [more stats from Office for National Statistics]

Driver road safety awareness course

The majority of people in yesterday's class had been visitors to North Wales when caught speeding by static and mobile cameras, most were from the North West and one chap had driven over from Worcester.

At the moment, said tutor Norman - a friendly enough fella who didn't judge - people have to go back to the area where they were caught to attend one of these courses as not all regions have a driver awareness course, but more were being set up. It was certainly worth doing.

When asked if we have to notify our insurer that we'd been on such a course - the answer was no. The matter has been dealt with. One previous student of Norman's had told his insurer and far from being penalised he had actually had a rebate.

Anyway, safe driving.

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