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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 10:08 UK time, Friday, 12 October 2007

Your views on legalising drugs; Wil says earmark the old Denbigh Hospital for a new prison for North Wales; Chris plays mediator in the debate over migrant workers; Selwyn asks after Jacko - the name of people who live in Wales' biggest village, Rhos; and Mark offers to take Hollywood actor Russell Crowe canoeing on the Dee.

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Legalise drugs? - There has been plenty of mixed reaction to the Chief Constable's radical idea.

Denbigh prison site suggestion - Wil: "Central for ALL of N Wales, close enough to A55, Police HQ almost adjacent. Hospital buildings put into improved state, site presentable once more. New jobs for locals, I think it's ideal."

Migrant workers - Chris: "I can understand why lots of Poles are working here, I can also understand why lots of people are not happy with the situation. To understand the reason for these views it is necessary to look at the history of UK EU membership..."

Russell Crowe's coming to Wrexham - Mark: "Hey Russell, do you fancy a Canadian canoe or a kayak trip down the beautiful Dee Valley?"

Villagers' nickname - Selwyn: "Anybody know the origins of the term Jacko when referring to someone from the Rhos? Have heard that it comes from the Jacobite rebellion."

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