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How we bring the stories to you

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 14:05 UK time, Monday, 1 October 2007

We'd like to show you a couple of the things we're using to keep up to date these days.

On the right hand side of our pages are a couple of useful links.

Bloglines allows us to make public the feeds we use.

In short, they bring websites and blogs to us rather than us going to them - and you can do the same. [More about feeds]

The best thing is that the feeds are only updated every time a new story or comment has been added so we don't waste any time checking for updates. It's explained better by

We also use Google Reader which has an additional feature and allows us to highlight individual stories of interest from within the feeds we follow. [Take a look]

In effect we've got coming into us all the sites and blogs of local interest and then marking stories of interest for your attention!

Another way you can now receive news headlines and other local interest snippets from us is via [what's this?] And, what's more, if you're a subscriber too, you can offer a reply immediately whether you're at your computer or out and about with your mobile phone.

Update [June 04 2008, 12:31PM]: Web tips: I wanna tell you a story

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