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Speaking Wenglish with our Glyn

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 09:44 UK time, Monday, 6 August 2007

Another Wenglish entry as dwi'n dysgu Cymraeg [I'm learning Welsh]

Mi es i i fy eisteddfod genedlaethol cyntaf dros y penwythnos [I went to my first national eisteddfod over the weekend] - and it did not disappoint.

Roedd na gyfle grét i glwyed llawer o Gymraeg [It was a great opportunity to hear lots of Welsh] - and you may remember I set a personal challenge a year ago to be confident enough to siarad Cymraeg ar y maes [speak Welsh on the field].

Well, I did it and roedd yn bendegidig [it was wonderful]! And I've just uploaded a film at which shows my experiences, including meeting Glyn Wise, formerly of Big Brother TV fame, who presented learners' certificates for GCSEs and A levels and has become something of a champion of the Welsh language.

Mae o'n grét [He's great] - a really nice chap and he spent a lot of time in Maes D - the learners' tent - with his family and helped to launch a new phase of BBC Wales's Big Welsh Challenge.

Weithies i yng nghaffi Maes D lle roedd pobl yn medru ymarfer eu Cymraeg nhw [I worked in the Maes D café where people were able to practice their Welsh].

Mi ces i lawer o gyfle i siarad efo pobl newydd a mwynhes i y profiad [I had lots of opprotunity to speak in Welsh with new people and I enjoyed the experience]

Fydda i'n gweld ti ar y maes [Will I be seeing you there]? We plan to pop back to Maes D to reflect what's going on there over the week.

Hwyl am y tro [Bye for now]

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