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Who ate all the pies?

Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 12:43 UK time, Wednesday, 6 June 2007

It's funny the things that get you going. And people eating lunch or snacking on the move seems to be one of them - especially if they have a pie in their hand.

Contributor 'Mystery Swiller from Flint' is the latest to take exception: "Can't they do a lunchtime healthy eating course for all the young mothers in Flint? I am forever seeing prams being pushed around frantically by teens and on the top of every pram is always a Sayer's pastie."

The issue has been raised before in the Wrexham mini site and I noticed the very same thing this morning as I walked by the Guildhall in Wrexham town centre. A quick google search [keywords: etiquette, eating in public] throws up some interesting sites. In short, eating in public is regarded as rude in lots of countries - so now you know.

BTW, have you read 'That's £2.50 for one meat pie', a poem by Ben about the pies at Wrexham FC? You might be surprised to learn that it started a debate about the price of pies at the Racecourse ground!

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