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Political correctness gone mad?

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 15:21 UK time, Monday, 5 March 2007

That's the headline in with the editor reacting to news that signs have been put up in Wrexham in English and Polish - but with no apparent Welsh translation.

The signs are on the entrance gate to the Erddig Country Park, Wrexham, advising visitors on fishing rules. The Environment Agency tells the Daily Post it was an omission on their part and a Welsh version will be added.

They explain that the reason it was added in Polish was because they had had a number of Polish people fishing without a licence and taking their catch home to eat.

One contributor, Agnieszka has been in touch previously to say that fish like carp and pike are regarded as 'good eating' by Polish people.

Anyway, do you agree, is it political correctness gone mad or should we be seeing signs written in more languages to reflect our cultural diversity? You can discuss the issue in our section, Migrant workers - the big debate.

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