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Recycling rage - a new syndrome?

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 09:26 UK time, Friday, 2 February 2007

You've heard about road rage. Well, I think I'm developing a new syndrome - rubbish or recycling rage. I get it every week when people put out their rubbish for the bin collection. So much of what I see blowing in the wind up and down the street can actually be recycled.

The thing is, there is no telling now when the green mist can descend. It happened again this morning - this time whilst I was listening to the radio, albeit on my petrol-driven journey into work.

I was listening to a story on Good Morning Wales [listen again, 7.20am] that children are to be taught about global warming and the effects their actions have on the environment.

What with that and planting a tree every time you take a plane ride to reduce your so-called 'carbon footprint', it strikes me that today's generation - you and me with the power to act - are doing very little to accept responsibility and take some positive day-to-day action.

You don't need to plant a tree once a year after your foreign holiday. Recycle your rubbish every day, that will surely have a bigger effect on the environment.

I live in Mold and the local canolfan ailgylchu [recycling centre] has massive skips dedicated to plastics and cardboard which, increasingly I'm pleased to say, are now becoming filled by families recycling all the packaging which comes with the stuff we buy.

It's the waste our excellent council-run doorstep recycling schemes don't currently take and my family can amass an additional two or three bags of recyclable waste a week, stuff that would otherwise go into landfill. Imagine if everyone did the same. There you go, that's my rant over.

Are you doing your bit for environment and our kids' future?

Here are some links you might find useful and let me know of any others.

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