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How long should kids have to eat lunch?

Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 08:41 UK time, Monday, 9 October 2006

That's the headline I read in an interesting article in the Western Mail over the weekend which was basically saying that school lunch breaks could be increased to give kids longer to eat their meals.

As a parent I agree with this one - but there are arguments against this and you can add your views to the mix - but I support it because I've had the situation where my son has taken things out of his packed lunch at home and put them back in the cupboard, saying he won't have enough time to eat up.

At one time he was restricting himself to a sandwich and a drink - and he can eat a horse at home! - because he was feeling pressured. Thankfully, this is no longer the case but he still checks what goes into his lunch box, ensuring things don't take too much time to chew!

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