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Do you mind Big Brother watching you?

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 09:08 UK time, Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Does the use of CCTV cameras make you feel safe or paranoid? I pose the questions because contributor G has been in touch, angered about the number of cameras on Plas Madoc housing estate in Wrexham: "It's like something out of [George Orwell's]1984 for God's sake."

Yes, I guess it can make you feel like Big Brother is watching your every move. But isn't it better to have someone watching your back, especially if you have nothing to hide?

I must admit they do make me feel a little paranoid, like going through airport Customs with nothing to declare but feeling like I'm some kind of drugs baron.

I noticed a camera on the high street in Flint following a group of tracksuit and baseball cap-clad teens - they weren't doing anything but it was following them just in case. Was that right? Were they deemed guilty until proven innocent?

The next time you spot a camera on the high street, see who it follows - and make up your own mind. You never know, it might be watching you!

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