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Cool Cymru's back!

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 07:11 UK time, Friday, 1 September 2006

I don't know if you agree but contributor Lewis got me thinking that so-called 'Cool Cymru' is back.

And you know what, people like Big Brother's Glyn and singers Cerys Matthews and Charlotte Church have something to do with it.

Lewis was making his point with regards to the use of the Welsh language: "Whoever says that Welsh first language speakers limit their possibilities and hinder themselves is an idiot! Wales is bilingual, we should be proud of that."

And one proud bilingual Welshman is Big Brother runner up Glyn who, in speaking in his mother tongue with fellow Welsh contestant Imogen whilst in the BB house, inadvertently became a new champion of the language.

There was more good PR this week with news that former Catatonia singer, Cerys Matthews - who was part of the first 'Cool Cymru' wave in the early 90s - has returned to live in her native Wales.

I also heard on the news yesterday that more Welsh students than ever were to continue their education in Wales this year - probably due to university top-up fees here being abolished - but hey, if they leave as teens they'll probably never come back.

One last thing, love or loathe Cardiff's Charlotte Church, she is about to launch her own Channel 4 show to keep the spotlight on Wales.

Contributor Lewis says: "Anyone who has seen the adverts for Charlotte Church's new show knows that Cymru is cool." Yes, the advert says 'Cwming soon.'

Pob lwc, Charlotte [fingers crossed she won't blow it for us!]

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