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Terms of endearment

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 07:28 UK time, Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Is it still OK for a man to call a woman 'love'? German contributor Katja lists it as one of the many things she misses from her time here in NE Wales when she worked as a photographer for the local newspaper, the Evening Leader.

My family are from Staffordshire where you still hear the term 'duck'. 'Hello, duck.' 'Thanks, duck', etc, etc - except a fella can be called 'duck' as much as a woman. What terms do you still use?

By the way, an interesting comment has been posted to the Dialects section from Nia from Wrexham who remembers the terms 'saw your bum' or 'spied your bum'. She explains: "From what I remember it is used when someone has made a foolish mistake or embarrassed him or herself. ‘Ah, ha! You well spied your bum’!"

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