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Local councillor joins BNP

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 14:01 UK time, Friday, 11 August 2006

The British National Party is claiming its first success in Wales with the switch to BNP by community councillor Mike Howard, who represents Mostyn in Flintshire.

The BNP reports on their website that Cllr Howard, 69, who was elected as an Independent in 2004, has sent out a letter to locals in which he says: "My conscience will no longer allow me to support government policies. Accordingly, I have decided to support the British National Party."

Cllr Howard says he is not racist and describes himself as a 'numerist' - someone who studies numbers.

"I'm worried about numbers (of immigrants)," he said: "We've got people in Flint living in doorways. They're sleeping in a shed in Prestatyn. I feel very very sorry for them."

- In the blog last month it was mentioned that youth leaders in Greenfield - which is next to Mostyn - had taken steps after noticing an increase in 'anti-Muslim' sentiments? - [see entry, 'Islamophobia' - time to teach tolerance]

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