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I'm Welsh not Scouse!

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 14:57 UK time, Friday, 21 July 2006

There's an interesting, if a little heated, debate going on in the Flint section of this website about what it means to be Welsh. Some non Welsh speakers who were born here are saying they're not less Welsh than people who can speak the language - and that they can't help their Scouse-sounding accent.

Micky makes the point very well: "As I was born in Flint and have lived here all my life, I can guarantee you that this Scouse sounding accent is as Welsh as any accent in Wales. Not all accents from my country sound like Tom Jones you know, that's as preposterous as saying that you are only English if you speak like the Queen!"

And that Scouse accent stretches along the North Wales coast. Recenty, I was listening to BBC Radio Wales interviewing people in Conwy about some Welsh issue or another and from the accents it sounded like they were interviewing people outside the John Lewis store in Liverpool city centre.

North Walians would have understood that these people had the softer, more Welsh Scouse accent, if you see what I mean, but to people from outside the area they must have sound as Scouse as they come.

And this brings me back to the original point as implied by SM from Flint. You are as Welsh as you feel - not as Welsh as you sound!

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