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I'm sorry for everything!

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 12:48 UK time, Thursday, 6 April 2006

Frazer has been back in touch and he may have hit upon a novel way to clear one's conscience for misdemeanors of old - use the web and say sorry from a safe distance!

He left a message on the Cefn Mawr village memories page to convey his apology - "To Del Evans & Trevor, I apologise for chucking bricks in the river when you were trying to catch that giant pike."

Perhaps the rest us who still feel the need to say sorry for some wrong doing years ago could use this blog. We would at least be comforted by the thought that we said sorry out loud - at last - and maybe, just maybe our victims will somehow find out.

Here's mine: 'To Kevin at St Thomas's RC High School c1975, sorry for helping myself to your strawberry bonbons.' It works, I feel better already.

Right! Who's next? Use the Comments link below to add your apology.

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