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Healthy benefits of bird song

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Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 14:53 UK time, Thursday, 31 March 2011

On Sunday 17 April the Shared Earth Trust at Denmark Farm near Lampeter is holding a Dawn Chorus Walk.

This April weekend also marks the start of the summer season for the Eco Campsite at Denmark Farm. Visitors are invited to put up their tents, immerse themselves in nature and join the guided bird walk.

After such a long cold winter now is the time to get outdoors again and appreciate our beautiful surroundings. Many naturalists believe that birdsong may prove beneficial to our wellbeing.

Dr Lance Workman, a Chartered Psychologist, said: "The idea that hearing the sound of birds singing can put us in happy mood makes a lot of sense."

"It is entirely feasible that early humans came to associate bird song with areas rich in resources and we have been handed down the legacy of associating bird song with elevated mood from such ancient ancestors."

Angie Polkey, of the Shared Earth Trust, said: "With our help, Denmark Farm has been transformed into a natural paradise for birds and other wildlife. The hedgerows, woodlands, traditionally grazed grasslands and ponds offer shelter, food and other resources which attract many animals.

Since 1987, the number of bird species breeding here has more than tripled and the density of nests has risen by over 250% - so there should be plenty to hear on the Dawn Chorus Walk at the start of the breeding season.

Mara Morris, of the Shared Earth Trust, said: "The Dawn Chorus Walk is part of our programme called Wildlife Where You Live (WWYL) and is free to take part.

The Eco-Campsite at Denmark Farm is open from mid April until October and includes a camp kitchen and yurt for group use.

Set in a wildlife-rich 40-acre nature reserve, the camp site is situated on a gently sloping hay meadow next to woodland.

With almost no light pollution, the stars are amazing. Campers have the unique opportunity to share this peaceful place with red kites circling overhead, hares hiding in the undergrowth, dragonflies darting over the ponds, hedgerows and woods full of birdsong, and flower-filled meadows.

Anyone wanting to find out more please contact:info@shared-earth-trust.org.uk or phone 01570 493358.


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