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Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 11:01 UK time, Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Exploring Wales' wooded gorges and ravines is increasing in popularity amongst walkers, canoeists and extreme sport enthusiasts.

Now, there is a short film on the CCW YouTube Channel that highlights the natural wonders of gorges to help people learn about our celtic rainforests before they arrive.

Presented by naturalist Ray Woods, the ten-minute film reveals that gorges in Wales' ancient woodlands harbour hundreds of different kinds of mosses and liverworts, some of which are very rare throughout the world.

Having fun, sliding down the gorges. Image courtesy of CCW:
People sliding down a gorge by CCW

With up to 200 people or more, passing through the most popular ravines and gorges each day - a simple code of conduct has been developed to help conserve these special places.

According to Ray Woods: "Most of the world's population of filmy fern lives in Welsh gorges. Black-eyed Susan is another rarity - a lichen found in only a handful of gorges in west Wales."

"These gorges are not just obstacle courses to rush through - they are incredible beautiful environments where people can enjoy and wonder at rare plant life."

Top tips for looking after gorges:

  • Avoid stepping or standing on moss covered rocks and boulders
  • Stick to established routes, please don't make new ones
  • Walk single-file to avoid erosion
  • Groups should assemble on bare rock or on shingle areas


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