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Rhys to the Rescue

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Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 09:00 UK time, Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wednesday, September 29 at 7.30pm on BBC One Wales.

Yes, Dr Jones is back - it's a series, so he'll keep coming back for a few weeks yet! ;)

I hope you saw the first episode last week - I did and thoroughly enjoyed it - not at all what I was expecting.

I had no idea for instance that baby adders pack as much venom in their bite as the adult snakes which is very handy to know.

I saw a baby adder in the summer - slithering across a busy beach car park and almost picked it up to carry it to safety. Luckily I just watched it instead and allowed it to find its own way across.

Anyway, onto this week's episode:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may have been all the rage in the 1990s but they sparked a craze for the real thing - leading to hundreds of terrapins being bought and subsequently dumped when their owners grew tired of them.

Rhys and PC Mark Goulding with a boa constrictor:

Rhys and local police with an escaped boa constrictor

Rhys demonstrates just how much of a problem they are at Roath Park Lake in Cardiff, where discarded terrapins are causing havoc amongst the local wildlife, but he quickly discovers how hard they are to catch!

Terrapins are not the only animals that irresponsible owners are taking on; only to dump or release into the wild when they grow too large or unmanageable.

Rhys also has his hands full with a terrified bosc monitor lizard suspected of being bullied by a larger beast, who has even ripped off some of its digits, making it difficult for the poor lizard to climb and dig.

Rhys, who hails from Cardiff, reckons zoos and wildlife parks are full to the brim with former escapees and he's already taken home several specimens who would otherwise have been put down.

If you miss an episode you can always watch again on the BBCi-Player.



  • Comment number 1.

    This is really awesomne, that pic is really great.

    whats on in Sydney

  • Comment number 2.

    This comment is regarding episode 4 (haven't watched the others).

    Corn snakes:
    This is completely over the top, why is there a police officer involved?
    Rhys and the police man are sooo self important
    I quote:
    "the thing is, i'm the best at what i do because i found it"
    "rhys to the rescue once again" lol tssss

    wooow!! amaaazing!! his ever expanding menagerie has now grown to 19 snakes!!!!

    Rock python:
    I quote:
    "you are joking me, a rock python! and probably hugely aggressive! lol
    "at 6-7 foot it would kill a child" now that's not even funny any more. If you're planning on letting your child handle one there might be some truth in that, but who exactly would do that?

    if you look at the little thing's head, it looks quite dehydrated

    Just look at the size of those teeth - he better watch his hand, the lil chap is soooo awfully aggressive, proper going for him now isn't it!

    Are rhys and that police man seriously comparing the little 2ft rock python to a fire arm??? hahahahaha!

    No need to say that i disagree with the euthanasia bit, there's more than enough people who are experienced with large snakes who would surely re-home the little rock. If the export doesn't work out he could at least TRY to find somebody rather than proposing to kill the lil chap.

    Slow worm:
    Fair play to him for explaining what it is and making the lady a lil happier and all, but could he have been any more patronising? ... god, if he was to speak to me like this... and the way he blinked when he said "lizards blink, just like this"

    The foxes:
    I wonder if in the wild they will also find all the things they eat mixed together in a bowl.... my lil cousin would have been clever enough to suggest spreading it all out on the ground, or possibly even making it slightly hard for the foxes to get to it.
    Oh i'm coming to free the foxes now, let me just put a couple of full food bowls down to ensure that they are encouraged to find their own food in the wild!!

    Grass snake:
    I quote:
    "By law we're not supposed to interfere. the eggs have the same protection as the snake" - SO LETS JUST GO AND TURN THEM ALL UPSIDE DOWN!! good job they were infertile and that the police man wasn't at his side at this point!

    I quote:
    "the grass snake never did return to the barn and I can ONLY CONCLUDE that it was the one we found in the road" WHAAAT?!?

    Did he say he's an expert? Did he also have HEATMATS against the back WALL of the snake vivs? You do realise they are to be put UNDER the snake and direct contact with snake should be avoided?!

    This guy is seriously a joke!! And a disgrace to the reptile community!

    Thanks for reading my long rant!

    P.s. If you would like to read other people's opinions (very similar to mine actually) i'm not allowed to put the link on here but just type "euthanasia for rock python since it's aggressive?" into a search engine. this should lead you to a nice long interesting thread about this episode (4) - (on a forum-not sure if i can name it).


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