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A damp start

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Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 11:49 UK time, Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Well, we've certainly had our fair share of the wet stuff over the last 24 hours, although I'm not sure we've had enough to fill all the rivers back up to the levels where they should be. Remember the November floods of 2009?

The rain has certainly brought out the slugs though and my courgettes have taken a hammering overnight and it might be time to bring in the copper tape. If you've got any good preventative measures then let me know in the comments box - thanks!

There's high pressure looming now though, so we should have a few dry, sunny days - bad news for surfers but good news for me as I'm trying to get a garage built and concrete doesn't set in the rain.

A few photos to share with you today. The first shows just how heavy the rainfall was up north. Ruth Davies sent this one in of a cul de sac in Wrexham where she lives, which now has a water feature at one end:

Mike Davies always takes a nice snap and this one features a damp jay sheltering from the rain in his back garden. Check out the vertical lines of rain in the background.

Meanwhile in Pembrokeshire, Faye Underhill watched this local buzzard for 30 minutes as it tried to dry out its sodden wings after a heavy down pour:

Whilst we're still on a watery theme -Tony Llewellyn did a double take on a recent Skomer Island visit when he saw a frog, (yes a frog) swimming out at sea on it's back. I somehow don't think this story will have a happy ending.

And finally to end on a high note - local rowers in Fishguard have helped save a confused pod of dolphins by herding them out of the harbour and into deeper water. Well done to everyone who helped! Read more on this story on BBC News Online.



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