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Winter wonderland

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Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 11:01 UK time, Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I hope you all got home safely last night. Getting out of Cardiff wasn't easy with long queues and slippery roads between Llandaff and Groes Faen before getting onto the M4 where the lanes became invisible to the eye. A thirty minute journey turned into one and a half hours...

Porthcawl had a good 3" of snow on the tops of the cars this morning and the redwing were hungrily attacking the bird feeder in my front garden.

Don't forget to put out some water for the birds as well as any food scraps but try to place food underneath hedges and trees etc rather than out in the open.

Daisy Evans from Blackwood has sent in a pic of her pet rabbit 'Lola' along with a larger snowier version:

This morning, Jamie and Louise on Radio Wales were discussing what affect the recent snow has had on Welsh wildlife, so if you missed it, listen in again via the BBC i-player later.

Yesterday I asked if anyone had spotted any bullfinch recently. As if by magic, our Flickr group responded and Eiona Roberts in Swansea sent in this one of a rather portly looking male on a feeder. Eiona said she'd not seen one in her garden for around 20 years:

The BBC Local websites have had some lovely photos sent in too. Take a look through their galleries:

South East snow pics

South West snow pics

North East snow pics

Mid Wales snow pics

Milder weather is on the way so we'll be back to rain before long although there is a bit more snow forecast for North Wales. Derek has a weather update coming shortly.



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