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Shark infested waters: The Farallone Islands

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Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 11:24 UK time, Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A long way, away from Wales lie the Farallone Islands - a group of rocky islands located 47 km's off the coast of San Francisco and home to a vast array of wildlife including sea birds, invertebrates, mammals, fish, sharks and even an endemic salamander!

The islands are well known for their colony of Great White Sharks and ever since Jaws, these amazing predators have been in and out of the news on a daily basis, so I thought I'd feature one of the key research centres for them.

I read a great book about the shark research, the wildlife and the dare devil scientists that inhabit this bleak rock, entitled 'The Devil's Teeth' by Susan Casey.

It's well worth a read from your local library if you're interested in sharks.

The website has a nice panoramic view of the islands but if you want to watch the live web cam, then I'm afraid you'll have to tune in later as it operates on U.S. time.

Could we ever see Great White Sharks off the coast of Wales? Possibly...We have the resident seal populations, and our sea temperatures are definitely suitable for them.

The Porbeagle shark, a close relative, already resides in UK waters all year round.

When you consider how far sharks can swim - thousands of miles, and that there are Great White Sharks in the Mediterranean, then anything is possible.

If you've come across an unusual nature webcam then let me know and I might feature it next time.


Great White Shark videos on BBC Wildlife Finder


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