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BBC Wales' Green Season

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Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 15:12 UK time, Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Some of you may have spotted the TV adverts currently going out on BBC One Wales to promote our new Green Season this month, which will be looking at how Wales is dealing with global warming and environmental issues.

There are a number of programmes both on Radio Wales and TV as well as a new dedicated Green Season website which will link off to a lot of the season's content.

If you're interested in how global warming is already affecting our wildlife here in Wales then you may like to check out our mini site on the nature portal.

I've also put together a gallery featuring some of the more unusual species which may have arrived here as a direct result of climate change.

We're certainly seeing a lot more migrant species these days and fin whales were particularly abundant off the coast this summer (10-20 spotted on 13 August) and who can forget that dolphin super pod which made the headlines in July 2009!

Richard Crossen at the Sea Trust recently informed me that 1500 common dolphins were actually spotted on 28 June from their survey boat and we've also had risso dolphins arriving to give birth - is this connected to our rising sea temperatures?

Then we had the rare glossy ibis appearing in Camarthenshire - a sight not seen since 1910!

The weather and U.S hurricane season was the likely cause of this but it is all ultimately linked to climate change, hence our wet and wild summer this year. I've never eaten so many damp sausages!

The harlequin ladybird has been another species to hit the headlines this year. This little critter is spreading like 'wild fire' and it's only a matter of time before they arrive 'en masse' to Wales.

We've had a few sightings in Mid and North Wales but most are in the South East of England. Hopefully the Severn bridge tolls will put them off...

Who knows what effect they will have on our native ladybird species but they're competing for the same food. Are there enough aphids to go around?

It will also be interesting to see how early the first frog spawn arrives in 2010 and when the first daffodils spring up. December/ January seems to be the norm these days...

In the meantime I'm finding the BBC's Bloom blog on climate change very entertaining.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and find out what is going on around Wales.

Have you encountered any signs of global warming, directly?

Do your frogs now spawn ridiculously early? I can see a time when frogs will cease to hibernate at all...

Have you noticed any unusual species visiting your area or noticed any invasive species in your garden? They come in all shapes and sizes.


BBC News - The Green Room


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