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Littering Gower

Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 13:05 UK time, Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Gower is a remarkable place and has won countless accolades over the years for it's stunning natural beauty, range of habitats and marine life.

Recently however litter has been on the increase across much of the UK and Wales in particular.

Our favourite beauty spots are now on the front line as people are leaving more than just footprints on our beaches.

The National Trust look after three quarters of the Gower coastline and it's estimated that over 8 million tons of rubbish goes into our seas each day and a high proportion of this winds up on Gower due to winds and tides.

Litter pollutes our seas, making it unsafe to swim in as well as endangering wildlife and making the place look generally unpleasant. 

Rhossili beach: rhossilli.jpgSadly it doesn't disappear of it's own accord.

With visitor numbers expected to soar, partly down to the recession and more people holidaying at home - the National Trust shop and visitor centre at Rhossilli is asking people to get involved.

The Take It Away campaign runs from June to August 2009 and encourages people to collect one bag of rubbish during their stay. Gloves and bags are provided free of charge so there's no excuse.

Anyone collecting a full bag goes into a prize draw so there's an added incentive if you needed one!

Last year over 500 people got involved, collecting over 30,000 litres of waste so pop down this summer and do your bit to help preserve this very special part of the coast.

For further info, contact Heledd Jones on 01492860 or 07786278895



Weatherman Walking at Worms Head


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