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Wychwood Festival 2011: a report from The Method

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Bethan Elfyn Bethan Elfyn | 10:59 UK time, Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hidden behind the main stage where The Waterboys, The Charlatans and others entertained the crowds is the Wychwood Festival Introducing stage. The Cheltenham festival recently ran a new music stage curated by a few different BBC stations in the area, among them some chosen by BBC Radio Wales.

On behalf of Wales The Keys, The Method and Cuba Cuba played the festival and flew the flag, and had a really fantastic experience by all accounts. As I wasn't there in person, I asked the bands to give me a little report back after the festival, and here's what The Method had to say.

Wychwood, wychwood, wychwood. Our first BBC supported festival stage appearance... and hot dog, what a blast.

We played the Blue Lagoon festival in St Davids the night before, and despite some serious early morning trauma including (but not limited to) a choking hangover, some MacGyver-style van repair involving breeze blocks, a log and a lot of curse words (combined with the special sadness that comes from bolting upright after three hours of freezing sleep in a tent positioned on the edge of a cliff), we arrived at, somewhat beaten up physically and emotionally, Cheltenham race course!

It quickly became apparent, that thankfully it held within its bosom a fantastic little festival, coated head to toe in a joyous atmosphere that you couldn't help but soak up. The Big British Castle had kindly provided an excellent stage with plenty of space to twitch about on like a fish out of water hooked up to some serious electrodes!

This, coupled with an extremely responsive crowd plonked in front of us, meant that regardless of the fact that bits of our mind had forever been claimed by a godlessly cold night in west Wales, it was impossible not to have a great gig. Twas a bloody hoot I tells ya!

Also, we had some really good noodles. Aand everyone knows that really good noodles seal any deal.

Thanks a bundle Wychwood, you're aaaalllllrrriiiiggghhhhhtttttt.

The Method x

Thanks The Method for that very official report from Wychwood! Glad you had a good time. And if you want to hear a selection of the bands that played the introducing stage, there's a free download with tracks from all the bands over the weekend, on the website' blog.


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