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Welsh music calendar

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Adam Walton Adam Walton | 12:19 UK time, Wednesday, 11 August 2010

In the olden days of the Music Industry (RIP) it was hard to miss anything of momentousness.

Record labels - even the littlest indie labels - would employ pluggers to cajole and remind the likes of me about upcoming releases and events. As the traditional industry has crumbled into ruin, most artists are releasing their music autonomously via download stores and they don't have the funds to employ pluggers. This means that it's far too easy for the likes of me - actually, probably just me; I shouldn't tar my colleagues with the same brush - to miss new releases, or forget about important musical occurrences in a general fug of confusion.

Which is why I've set up a Google Calendar that I hope will centralise information about forthcoming Welsh releases and key musical events, so that I don't forget what's forthcoming and so that I can better co-ordinate the support that my show offers to the finest and most interesting Welsh music releases and events.

This is very much a work in progress at the moment. I want to shape it to suit my show's audience and the needs of the Welsh musicians I try to best support. So, their feedback is absolutely key, here. Otherwise it's in danger of becoming another brainwave that dissipates quietly without doing any measure of good.

So, this is what I'm looking for:

1) Release date information for 'proper' Welsh releases. A 'proper' release is anything upwards of a track that is available via iTunes or other download stores to a fully distributed and released CD/LP. I won't include info about demos only available via webpages simply because the calendar would get swamped. That information is still important to me, but I want this calendar to be a useful resource for my colleagues at BBC Introducing and BBC Wales so that they can find out about key Welsh releases.

(A 'proper' Welsh release is anything released by a Welsh artist or an artist based in Wales, or on a Welsh label/music company. So, non-Welsh artists who are released or managed by a Welsh company are valid too.)

2) Information about key Welsh music-related events, whether they be gigs, seminars, workshops, support or exposure on other BBC/Introducing programmes. This calendar will not be a Welsh gig guide. Otherwise, as mentioned in point 1 above, the calendar would get swamped with too much information. My (or one of my BBC Introducing/Radio Wales colleagues') decision about what constitutes a key Welsh music-related event would have to be final.

The 'beta' of this Welsh music calendar is available to view here. If you have events/releases that you would like me to add, please e-mail as much information as possible to adam.walton@bbc.co.uk.

Please include any relevant weblinks, e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers that you are happy to have included in a public document.

I'll add the information at my discretion as soon as I possibly can.

With your help this could become a useful tool for the Welsh media, Welsh artists and music-related businesses.


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