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Paul Potts counters Cowell split snub

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James McLaren James McLaren | 14:21 UK time, Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Paul Potts, Port Talbot's opera-singing Britain's Got Talent winner, has split from Simon Cowell's record label.


Syco Records, a subdivision of Sony, had worked with Potts since the 2007 competition, but the parties have separated prior to the release of his third album, Cinema Paradiso.

The News Of The World had reported that Potts and Cowell had fallen out, quoting an 'industry insider' as saying, "As soon as Susan Boyle came along it was bound to be curtains for Paul. SuBo captured the world's imagination and it was hard to compete."

We spoke to Potts' management. Their statement reads: "For over three years, Paul has enjoyed a successful collaboration with Simon Cowell and his record label Syco. He treasures his time with them and feels he learnt a lot from everyone there. Contrary to a report made last week, there was never a case of Paul and Simon not seeing 'eye to eye'.

"Paul continues to enjoy success across the globe. His third album Cinema Paradiso, a movie-themed release, has been recorded with Hollywood producer, Simon Franglen. Simon has worked on the production of many blockbuster soundtracks including Titanic, Moulin Rouge and Avatar.

"Many major labels around the world continue to show their commitment to Paul. Japan (Sony Music) has been chosen to launch Cinema Paradiso next month. Other countries will quickly follow on with releases in places such as Germany, Canada, Asia and Australia (as well as other European territories). A UK release is hoped for late March 2011.

"Paul says, 'I am looking forward to the next stage in my career as a recording artist - I honestly think this is my best album yet and I look forward to performing these amazing songs all over the world to my loyal fans who have been with me since my career began with those exciting moments on Britain's Got Talent'."

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  • Comment number 1.

    paul potts

    go for it you don't simon cowell!

  • Comment number 2.

    Not meaning to be too disparaging but we all know there is much better "welsh music" being made than by Paul Potts, good luck to him but being the media creation of Britains Got Talent is bound to bite you on the a*** one day.

  • Comment number 3.

    @huwrees, I'd feel sorry for anyone who thinks that the way he was discovered would matter. It's the talent that matters.
    I think that Paul will do just fine. Most artists seem to get as far away from Cowell as quickly as they can.
    Cowell dictates too much. Now Paul can decide for himself exactly what he wants to do.

  • Comment number 4.

    huwrees Who in Wales is better than Paul; Potts at singing classical, definately not Bryn Terfal. I saw Paul Potts live, what a talent. Also just looked up Pauls tours, he is to performa many concerts in April in Canda, far east and so on. already done hundred full concerts in top venues, his 1st classical album sold about 5 million. 60000 views approx daily on you tube. So please don't be too envious at his incredible track record.


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