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Interview: The Pooh Sticks

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James McLaren James McLaren | 08:31 UK time, Tuesday, 20 July 2010

This weekend sees the reformation of one of Wales' demi-legendary indie bands; Swansea's Pooh Sticks will be headlining the indoor stage at Indietracks this Saturday.


Indietracks takes place in Derbyshire and is a quite frankly bizarre combination of heritage trains and indiepop music, in aid of The Midland Railway Centre. Music became part of the fundraising activities in 2007 and this year a host of big indiepop names will be appearing including The Primitives, Slow Club, Shrag and White Town.

We caught up with Hue Pooh, frontman and chief yarn-spinner of The Pooh Sticks for a brief chat about the reformation.

What prompted this reformation?

The last Pooh Sticks show was in Osaka, Japan in December 1993. That seemed too perfect so I thought I'd spoil the copybook and do the unthinkable.

What is the line-up going to be?

As ever, The Pooh Sticks live experience is me with some other people. Your girl and mine Ms Amelia Fletcher will be helping out which augurs well for a good show. The last show with Amy was in Hoboken in 1992 so it should be a treat. The rest of the band consists of a bloke from The Rosehips, some chap who used to be in The Fat Tulips, the bass player from 14 Iced Bears and a lad out of The Boomtown Rats.

Anything fans can expect in the set?

Blood, toil, tears and sweat. And placards.

What makes Indietracks the best place for this reformation?

Indietracks is the Glyndebourne of cutie pop!

Are you fans of vintage steam railways?

WeIl I've always loved Ivor the Engine and especially the music of Vernon Elliott.

Does this mark a return to the wider live music scene?

I think Indietracks will probably be wide enough.

Are you still excited by new music?

Yes of course, though I don't really distinguish between old and new. All music is new when you hear it for the first time, right?

Who else are you looking forward to seeing on the bill?

Are Standard Fare playing? I'd like to see them.

Any good Welsh bands you like at the moment?

Gene Latter is my latest thrill.


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