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Ones to watch: Hail! The Planes

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Bethan Elfyn Bethan Elfyn | 17:00 UK time, Thursday, 7 January 2010

Its quite a thing to be the first session band of the year, let alone the first band of the decade, and it's a good thing that I've chosen a band with so much creativity, musicality, imagination and life that they are a pleasure to listen to, and a pleasure to watch.

So what makes Hail! The Planes so special? The first thing you'll notice is the spiralling sound of a violin over the crashing post-folk.

I've noticed that there's a growing number of bands influenced by the sound of the violin in recent years, and despite being a sceptic at first, I've certainly been won over. This is one instrument that you can't blag, unlike the punk ethic of grabbing an instrument and getting up on stage.

The violin is an instrument for musicians, an instrument with history, that demands years of musical theory, practice and graft. Maybe its for these reasons I find its influence over a band so inspiring, and yes, Hail! The Planes have a fine violinist in Holly.

They also have a tight outfit of drums, bass and guitar, and gentle vocal style between most of the band (bar drummer).


Hail! The Planes have been a going concern since 2007, and announce via their MySpace that they are influenced by instrumental bands like Do Make Say Think and Dirty Three, and also more vocally-oriented indie like Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire.

They've really adapted these influences and if you head to the MySpace you'll hear a selection of stunning songs from their Tree Creeper & Other Songs EP. I've been won over I hope you will be too, as they certainly are the most exciting band in Wales right now.

Listen here this week to a live interview with the band, and four session tracks.


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