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Eisteddfod - Prose Medal ceremony 2011

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Dan Williams Dan Williams | 16:20 UK time, Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Yo can watch the ceremony again on our results page, as well as get the latest news and results from our Eisteddfod site.

The Medal is offered for a volume of creative prose, no more than 40,000 words. The subject set this year was 'Conflict'.

16:30 - The trumpet is sounded to call the gorsedd procession into the pavilion lead by the herald bard.

Followed by the druids in their white robes. Each colour denotes a particular rank. The procession is made up of poets, writers, musicians, artists and people that have made a distinct contribution to the Welsh nation, language and culture.

Robin o Fôn, best know as Robin McBride, the keeper of the sword walks with the sword of peace.

The Archdruid Jim Parc Nest leads the procession into the Pavilion to begin the ceremony.

16:34 - Gareth Williams is invited to the stage by the Archdruid who is representing friends from abroad.

16:40 - The trumpeters , Dewi Corn and Paul Corn Cynan sound the ‘Corn Gwlad’ four times followed by Sara Lian Owen offering the gorsedd prayer.

16:44 - The Archdruid invites the three adjudicators on to the stage, with the adjudication being read out by Grahame Davies.


Adjudicator Grahame Davies

Adjudicator Grahame Davies


The three adjudicators are Grahame Davies, Hazel Walford Davies and Branwen Jarvis.

16:51 - The Archdruid thanks the adjudicators and when the state trumpet sounds will 'Sitting Bull' and only ‘Sitting Bull’ to stand.

16:53 - A lady stands in the audience.


A lady stands in the crowd.

A lady stands in the crowd.

The mistress of the robes dresses the winner and escorts Sitting Bull to the stage.

The Archdruid asks for the orsedd and the audience to sit.

Sitting Bull is announced to be Manon Rhys.

The Archdruid gives some background on Manon’s life before revealing her to be his wife!

17:00 - The sword of Peace is raised above Manon’s head before the Archdruid asks the audience three times ‘A oes heddwch?’ (‘is there peace?’) before asking the winner to sit in the peace of the Eisteddfod.


The sword of Peace is raised above Manon's head.

The sword of Peace is raised above Manon's head.

Manon is presented with her winning medal and the first copy her work.


Manon presented with her winning medal.

Manon presented with her winning medal.

17:05 - A Song is sang by Dafydd Gwnws followed by a poem read by Mererid Hopwood.

17:07 - The Bro Taf dancers pay tribute to Manon.

17:11 - The Archdruid brings the procession to a close with the Welsh National Anthem.


Prose Medal Winner - Manon Rhys

Prose Medal Winner - Manon Rhys

17:13 - The procession leaves the stage and the pavilion.


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