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  1. As the clocks go forward the weather takes a turn for the worse

    The clocks go forward this weekend marking the start of British Summer Time but unfortunately the weather is about to take a turn for the worse! A strong jet stream over the Atlantic and low pressure will bring spells of heavy rain with strong to gale force winds.

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  2. Will there be clear skies for the solar eclipse?

    Monday is another chilly day with some rain and showers, even a little snow on high ground. Temperatures are only 5-8°C with a light breeze from the east or north-east. However, the grey, chilly spell we've had for the last few days is on its last legs and a change is expected tomorrow.

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  3. Weekend weather update: Warmest day of the year so far?

    Things are warming up as we head into the weekend. Saturday could be the warmest day of the year so far, if temperatures exceed the 16.4°C set in Colwyn Bay in January.

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  4. Becoming milder through the weekend

    It’s becoming more spring-like for the rest of the week with pressure rising and turning milder. High pressure will build through today with south-westerly winds introducing warmer air. This will bring us a milder feel for the end of the week.

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  5. Cold air from Greenland has arrived in Wales and it’s going to stay cold over the next few days, with Arctic winds bringing a mixture of sunshine and wintry showers.

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  6. The coldest spell for two years: How long will it last?

    The recent cold spell is the coldest we've had for about two years! Last Sunday night into Monday the temperature in Tirabad in Powys dropped to almost -8°C. There's been some snow too, most of it on high ground. Last night about 10cm (4") of fresh snow fell on the Berwyn Mountains in Denbighshire.

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