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  1. Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    A week of astronomical proportions

    In a week 'eclipsed' by events up above, we've still got the budget, and rugby making headlines this week. Plus there's a teenage takeover on Thursday with School Report

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  2. Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    Kicking March off in style

    A weekend of sporting success, the first recording of the Welsh national anthem and a rousing St David's Day concert all contribute to a cracking start for March on Radio Wales

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  3. Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    The Big Welsh Idea

    A cockney Butcher, an Italian feast and Welsh Fjords are all on the menu this week, plus a whole day celebrating Welsh innovations.

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  4. Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    Good Morning Wales

    The new sound of Good Morning Wales gets off to a strong start, meanwhile our rugby squad looks ahead to Scotland after a no-so-strong start to the six nations championship.

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  5. Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    A Most Musical Week

    More fantastic music than you can wave a conductor's baton this week featuring Sharleen Spiteri, André Riu, and Amy Wadge. Plus, Wynne Evans learns the flute in a week.

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  6. Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    Welcome to 2015

    A day with the orchestra, Caradoc Evans and the greatest Welshman never heard of. Radio Wales Editor Steve Austins picks his highlights for the first week of 2015

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  7. Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    Your Home for Christmas

    Christmas Carols, a Brass Band, a Mega Mixtape and the Apocalypse - Radio Wales Editor Steve Austins picks his Radio Wales highlights over the Christmas fortnight.

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