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  1. BBC Radio Wales' sports output

    As we head into another season of sport, BBC Radio Wales Editor Colin Paterson blogs about the station’s sports output.

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  2. Football Correspondent

    There will be a party in Wales on Saturday... (or Tuesday!)

    OK I admit it - I actually thought we'd have had the bash to celebrate Wales' qualification to next summer's Euro 2016 finals, in France.

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  3. Deputy Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    A Rugby Musical Spectacular

    Radio Wales' Deputy Editor details what goes into making an elaborate and unique celebration of rugby and music with an orchestra, narrator, commentator, and the national teams of Wales and England.

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  4. News Editor, Radio Wales

    Rhodri Hornung on why working on Good Morning Wales has got to be one of the best jobs in Welsh broadcasting.

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  5. Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    Comedians, Shower Singers, and a political Nerd

    While the election campaign marches on, we get some light relief from the Machynlleth Comedy Festival, and just what does an operatic tenor sing in the shower?

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  6. Producer, BBC Radio Wales

    BBC Election Tour

    BBC Wales takes politics on the road to six key Welsh constituencies in the run up to the 2015 General Election

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  7. Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    Election Tour and Radio 2 Folk Awards

    All aboard the battle bus as BBC Radio Wales heads out on an election tour for the final weeks of the campaign, and we welcome the Radio 2 Folk Awards to Wales.

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  8. Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    Politicians, Jeff Banks and Severus Snape

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  9. Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    A week of astronomical proportions

    In a week 'eclipsed' by events up above, we've still got the budget, and rugby making headlines this week. Plus there's a teenage takeover on Thursday with School Report

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  10. Editor, BBC Radio Wales

    Red Nose Day, Rugby, and Lulu Live

    A busy week of Comic Relief, the Welsh gongs, a couple of crucial rugby matches, and Lulu performing live.

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