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  1. TV Producer

    Paws for thought on the Welsh Dog Spa

    Producer Matthew Tune gives us paws for thought since he first walked into Mucky Pups dog boutique and spa in Cardiff over a year and a half ago.

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  2. TV Producer

    Rhys Jones's Wildlife Patrol - Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....

    As the series producer of ‘Rhys to the Rescue’ and now ‘Rhys Jones’s Wildlife Patrol’, I’ve been working with Dr Rhys Jones for over six years now; and in that time he’s led me into some scary animal scrapes......

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  3. Police Sergeant and 'Countryside Cop'

    Countryside Cops tackling rural crime

    Sgt Rob Taylor and his Rural Crime Team feature in a special programme, Countryside Cops - part of the Real North Wales season from BBC Wales. Here he writes about his work as the team manager.

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  4. X-Ray blog - Lucy investigates the moving story of Buddy the beagle. His owners thought they had found him a good home, but hours later he seems to have been put up for sale on the internet.

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  5. TV Producer

    Would you ever consider allowing a TV crew to follow you 24/7 for a week asking you endless questions about your life, your lifestyle, your opinions on parenting and on being a teenager while all the while you are living someone else’s life?

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