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  1. Live music: photographers' rights in danger?

    Tuesday 13 December 2011, 14:54

    James McLaren James McLaren

    A photographer turns up at a venue somewhere in Britain in order to take shots of the new hot act, The Indubitable Idiots. She's got a photo pass from The Idiots' press company, but on arriving at the venue is presented with a piece of paper she must sign before being allowed in.

    It's in impenetrable...

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  2. Welsh Sinfonia bring classical music to the people

    Friday 9 December 2011, 15:06

    Polly March Polly March

    Cardiff-based chamber orchestra The Welsh Sinfonia will be running a series of public events starting in December, aimed at making classical music seem less stuffy.

    The idea of the Work And Play project is to bring people and music into "unexpected contact" and override preconceptions about classical...

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  3. Serving up Christmas treats with Berlioz

    Thursday 8 December 2011, 10:29

    Laura Sinnerton Laura Sinnerton

    The Christmas tree is up in Hoddinott Hall! Many sections of the orchestra are arranging Christmas outings, and the festive cheer is bringing much needed relief to the end of what has been a particularly busy winter season.

    It's all got a bit Christmassy musically too. Friday evening will see the commencement...

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  4. Recommendations for 2012

    Monday 5 December 2011, 14:46

    Adam Walton Adam Walton

    This is a shortlist of the artists and releases I'm most looking forward to in 2012. It's a very personal list. My only consideration is the music I already know I'm most excited about getting my ears around in the next 12 months.

    In Treehouse, Gwynedd's Ifan Dafydd provided me with one...

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  5. BBC Sound of 2012's lack of Welsh voices

    Monday 5 December 2011, 08:45

    James McLaren James McLaren

    The BBC Sound of 2012 shortlist of 12 nominees has been announced, and as usual there are no Welsh nominees (Marina And The Diamonds being the last in 2010).

    It's a thought I have every year when this list, celebrating some of the up-and-coming artists making waves in the industry, is published. Is...

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  6. Beethoven rocks

    Friday 18 November 2011, 10:33

    Laura Sinnerton Laura Sinnerton

    Some of you may already been hooked on the BBC 4 series Symphony. I don't think there is enough content like this on our screens and I've found the series so far very interesting and really quite inspiring, in particular the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment playing Beethoven and Schubert under the...

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  7. Newport's TJ's venue goes back to auction

    Friday 18 November 2011, 10:15

    James McLaren James McLaren

    Newport's TJ's will go under the hammer for the second time next month, following the withdrawal of previous buyers who had planned to turn the historic music venue into a restaurant.

    Paul Fosh auctions will hold the sale at the Park Inn...

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  8. A New Eclecticism

    Thursday 17 November 2011, 09:23

    Adam Walton Adam Walton

    My much better half, Jo, likes to put things in boxes. It'll be me one day; such is life. Well, death. Hopefully, though, I won't end up in Tupperware with nothing more than a freezer bag sticker identifying my remains as contents:

    "Adam Walton - Use Before 1998."

    What do we keep in this container...

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  9. The Tricky issue of the man from Busted

    Wednesday 16 November 2011, 14:10

    James McLaren James McLaren

    People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I know this, and writing this blog is potentially very dangerous because 'there but for the grace of god go I'.

    Last weekend The Daily Mirror published a story in which they said Matt Willis, manager of trip hop icon Tricky, was suing the Bristol artist...

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  10. dots.film band - animation, action and art in Cardigan

    Tuesday 15 November 2011, 10:36

    Polly March Polly March

    In the days of early cinema, silent films were usually accompanied by live music acts, to bring a bit of drama into the auditorium and help with those vital emotional clues perhaps not made obvious by the showreel.

    Often picture houses had their own pianist, with some even employing organists and orchestras...

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  11. Hallelujah! It's Messiah time

    Tuesday 1 November 2011, 10:37

    BBC Wales Music BBC Wales Music

    Christmas comes early to Wales this year, with the first Messiah of the season taking place on Sunday 6 November.

    A major part of Christmas for many classical music lovers in Wales is getting their annual Messiah 'fix' - whether it's taking part or being in the audience. Handel...

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  12. Blowing my own trumpet: music and euphemism

    Monday 31 October 2011, 14:02

    James McLaren James McLaren

    The news today that radio stations are to be given extra guidance to avoid playing sexually-explicit songs got me thinking about euphemism in pop music and the seemingly diminishing art of cloaking the rude in nuanced language.

    No longer can radio stations profess innocence...

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  13. Sŵn Festival 2011, Cardiff

    Tuesday 25 October 2011, 09:10

    James Roberts James Roberts

    If Thursday's Sŵn-related larking possessed a wonderful sense of anticipation, then Friday night brought it all together.

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  14. National Theatre Wales tours with musical The Village Social

    Thursday 20 October 2011, 14:40

    Laura Chamberlain Laura Chamberlain

    National Theatre Wales take their first ever musical theatre production on a tour of Wales this week.

    This production couldn't be more different from the hugely successful, large-scale Passion that took over Port Talbot during the Easter bank holiday weekend. The modern take on the traditional passion...

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  15. Welsh Music Prize: let judging commence!

    Monday 17 October 2011, 15:30

    Bethan Elfyn Bethan Elfyn

    This week in the thick of the Swn festival the organisers, Huw Stephens and John Rostron, will be announcing the latest arm of Swn, The Welsh Music Prize.

    This prize for the album of the year is an exciting addition to the festival, and we'll hear...

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  16. Gig dancing etiquette

    Monday 17 October 2011, 09:00

    James McLaren James McLaren

    Last night I went to see old-school, 'crusty' politicopunks New Model Army at Cardiff University and I was the youngest person there, pretty much. Seeing as the band formed in 1980, that's not too much of a surprise. But what did surprise me was the participation of the heroically-grizzled audience.


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  17. Reflections on last Friday night...

    Monday 3 October 2011, 18:37

    Laura Sinnerton Laura Sinnerton

    What an incredible October weekend! This weekend's heat wave thankfully coincided with a whole weekend off for the orchestra. On Sunday, a few of us went to the beach for a barbecue and to lie on beach towels, which gave me some time to reflect on our concert last Friday night.

    Two things struck me...

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  18. The cabinet maker

    Thursday 22 September 2011, 15:49

    Adam Walton Adam Walton

    I have been reading - increasingly - of the economic hardships some of our most respected artists are facing during these hard times. We're all under the cosh, of course, but for many of our revered, leftfield musical minds the situation is compounded by the fact that 'touring musician 1999-2011' doesn...

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  19. Books and music: A 'Desert Island Disc' evening in Cardiff Bay, Thursday 15 September

    Tuesday 20 September 2011, 11:50

    Bethan Elfyn Bethan Elfyn

    Over the past few weeks I've been doing an interesting project with Llên Cymru, Literature Wales, where we've had a 'Desert Island Discs' evening with some of Wales' finest writers.

    The first evening was in English with the first poet laureate for Wales Gwyneth Lewis, and hip writer Joe Dunthorne,...

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  20. Llangollen Eisteddfod appoints new music director

    Thursday 15 September 2011, 11:21

    James McLaren James McLaren

    Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod have announced the appointment of Eilir Owen Griffiths, the highly-successful conductor and composer, as their new Music Director.

    Griffiths, 30, is to replace Mervyn Cousins, who left to take a senior post with the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music...

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