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  1. Improved water quality in the pipeline

    Friday 1 April 2011, 10:58

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    For years now, water companies have been using combined sewer overflow (CSO's) pipes to discharge untreated sewage into the sea during periods of heavy rain and flooding to relieve pressure on the Victorian sewage system we all still rely on.

    BBC Panorama highlighted the issue of CSO's around our coast...

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  2. Sexy signals spell death

    Wednesday 30 March 2011, 12:35

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Scientists at Cardiff University have recently discovered that insects using vibration to attract mates risk being eaten alive by spiders.

    According to Dr Meta Virant-Doberlet and Professor William Symondson - "Vibrational signalling is a widespread form of sexual communication between animals."


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  3. Nature round up

    Tuesday 29 March 2011, 11:22

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    There's plenty of nature activities happening over the next few months in Wales.

    I hope you've all managed to sort out your body clocks now BST is finally here. The rookery near my house has definitely livened up lately and I keep meaning to try and film the daily aerial acrobatics, as hundreds of...

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  4. Tallest tree in Wales

    Monday 28 March 2011, 12:57

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Fans of BBC One's Countryfile series will have recently seen the sad demise of Wales' tallest and joint tallest tree in Britain. Unfortunately it had to be felled due to safety concerns.

    Don't despair though, as it's neighbour has recently taken the new title! The new tallest tree at Lake Vyrnwy measures...

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  5. The missing elephant

    Friday 11 March 2011, 10:32

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    BBC News online have featured a nice tale about an elephant which marched through Tregaron, Ceredigion back in 1848 and promptly died there after alledgedly drinking water contaminated with lead - what a welcome to Wales that was!

    But the story has led archaeologists to the beer garden of the local pub...

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  6. Big cats in Wales?

    Tuesday 30 November 2010, 14:58

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    These stories seem to come and go throughout Wales and the UK but many experts believe that it's highly likely that big cats have escaped or been released from captivity and are alive and well in the UK.

    Indeed many were set free and subsequently shot after the Dangerous Animal Act was introduced in...

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  7. Pembrokeshire wildlife event

    Monday 22 November 2010, 09:57

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Pembrokeshire wildlife will be showcased at a special event in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire next week at the Merlin Theatre, Pembrokeshire College on Wednesday 24 November at 7pm.

    The Wildlife Sightings event aims to bring wildlife on our doorsteps closer than ever through a series of talks, slideshows...

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  8. A Wye Wye Wye wonder

    Thursday 18 November 2010, 09:45

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Remember the UK River Vote I mentioned back in August?

    Well the votes have been counted and a Welsh river has taken the top spot!

    The River Wye was voted the public's favourite river in Wales and England with voters describing it as "magical and timeless" and "a haven for wildlife".

    The Wye is one of...

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  9. Artic char under threat

    Tuesday 9 November 2010, 14:18

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Some 800 fish have been released in a bid to protect a species under threat of extinction in North Wales.

    The Arctic char is only found in three of Wales' deepest and coldest lakes.

    The Arctic char were reared from eggs harvested in December 2009 from fish threatened by harmful algae at Llyn Padarn...

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  10. Pembrokeshire coast - a global destination

    Wednesday 27 October 2010, 11:29

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Our very own Pembrokeshire coast has been in the news today as it came second in a National Geographic poll of the top 10 best 'coastal destinations' in the world.

    The Pembrokeshire coast beat off stiff opposition from the likes of Chile, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Namibia, Oregon, Scotland and...

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  11. Wildlife writing competition

    Tuesday 26 October 2010, 14:46

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    The recent BBC One adaptation of Sherlock Holmes was a huge success but Conan Doyle also inspired the winning article in the 2010 Natur Cymru nature writing competition.

    The storyline was a familiar one, about reading the signs of nature, but told in a novel and engaging way.

    Accompanied by Dr Watson...

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  12. Moby Dick in Fishguard

    Tuesday 26 October 2010, 13:57

    Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

    The biggest ever whale sculpted from Welsh sand took form yesterday at Goodwick Parrog in Fishguard Harbour.

    The first day of the half term holiday saw over 50 Sea Trust volunteers turn out to create the 25 metre long replica of Moby Dick in just under five hours. The whale building exercise was the...

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  13. Clwydian AONB to be doubled in size

    Tuesday 5 October 2010, 11:40

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Proposals are in place to extend the Clwydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) to roughly twice its current size, as the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) look to protect parts of the area at risk.

    In partnership with the Wrexham and Denbighshire local authorities, CCW plans to extend...

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  14. Porthcawl Elvis Festival

    Friday 24 September 2010, 16:44

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Stuck for something to do this weekend?

    Well, if you happen to be wandering around Porthcawl this weekend - don't be alarmed if you bump into 1000's of Elvis fans sporting wigs, side burns and outrageous costumes.

    The Porthcawl Elvis Festival begins tonight and runs until 26 September.

    The official shows...

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  15. Nature news

    Friday 24 September 2010, 11:24

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    A quick round up of some of the other nature & outdoor stories in Wales this week:

    Wind power finally arrives on Ramsey Island meaning the wardens and volunteers will no longer have to rely on the old generator for power.

    The Millennium Stadium has set itself a target of becoming the UK's first green...

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  16. New Welsh mountain

    Wednesday 22 September 2010, 13:15

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Satellite technology has now confirmed that Glyder Fawr, in Snowdonia is actually higher than a thousand metres, giving it new mountain status.

    Watch a clip on BBC Newsonline.

    It is now one of only five 1,000 metre or more high peaks in Wales. Previous measurements calculated it to be only 999 metres...

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  17. Badgers aren't out the woods yet

    Monday 20 September 2010, 16:26

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    A new attempt at introducing a badger cull in parts of west Wales has been proposed by the rural affairs minister - Elin Jones.

    An annual cull is being proposed over five year period for north Pembrokeshire and part of Ceredigion.

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  18. Nature & outdoor news

    Thursday 2 September 2010, 13:54

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Just a quick catch up on a few things that have caught my eye recently...

    • The Tour of Britain cycling race is coming to Swansea! The city is set to host a stage of the elite cycle race and the Kingsway will become centre stage for a sprint finish at the end of the event's third leg on 13 September.

    • Toxic...

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  19. Crackdown on camelids

    Thursday 26 August 2010, 12:08

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    The Welsh Assembly Government have announced proposals to tackle TB found in other wildlife in Wales.

    Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones has launched a consultation on a draft legislative order to control TB in camelids, goats and deer.

    What's a camelid I hear you cry? Take a look at the wikipedia page...

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  20. The Great Tour

    Tuesday 24 August 2010, 14:24

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    I must confess, I knew absolutely nothing about this amazing endurance event that is currently taking place in our great nation until I spotted it on the WAG website. Such is the power of the web.

    The Great Tour began life on 3 July, 2010 and consists of cyclists from the worlds of sport, celebrity, charity...

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