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  1. World Wetlands Day

    Thursday 2 February 2012, 11:17

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Today, millions of people around the world will be taking part in activities to mark World Wetlands Day

    Since 1997 World Wetlands Day has been used to raise public awareness to the values and benefits of wetland habitats.

    The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance called the Ramsar Convention...

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  2. Wetter summers, colder winters

    Tuesday 14 December 2010, 10:32

    Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

    Because of the cold weather, some people are saying "so much for global warming" which is understandable but this is far from the case. Climate and weather, although interlinked, are separate things.

    Mark Twain, American humorist, writer and lecturer once said "Climate is what we expect and weather is...

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  3. Mediterranean visitor

    Monday 25 October 2010, 12:41

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    A pipefish that's usually spotted in the warm seas of the Mediterranean has been found off the Welsh coast.

    This pipefish photographed by marine scientist Paul Kay, is thought to be a Shore or Black-striped Pipefish (Syngnathus abaster):

    Previously, it had only been found as far north as Southern...

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  4. Polar bears: Hudson Bay reflections

    Tuesday 8 December 2009, 10:17

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    As part of the BBC Wales Green Season, we recently featured a short film by Tom Rugg - a science teacher from Wales who is doing his bit to raise awareness about climate change and its effects on polar bear populations.

    Tom has kindly written an exclusive blog for us about his thoughts on this subject...

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  5. Photos: Swollen rivers

    Thursday 26 November 2009, 08:06

    Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

    The rivers are swollen throughout Wales thanks to all this rain.

    I've had these photos in from reader Colin Roberts who says, "This is the river Dee in Llangollen which passes the bottom of our garden:"



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  6. Farmer's counting their footprints

    Wednesday 25 November 2009, 16:45

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    This article just in from the Countryside Council for Wales about farmers in Wales doing their bit for the environment:

    "Even in the farthest flung corners of deepest rural Wales, thoughts are turning towards how we can all play our part in what must follow from Copenhagen's Climate Conference in December...

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  7. Hay fever - the silent assassin

    Wednesday 25 November 2009, 13:46

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    If you have a spare minute over lunch today, have a read of the latest article on climate change that we've commissioned as part of the BBC Wales Green Season.

    This one is written by Dr Tim Rich from the National Museum of Wales and looks at the possible impact of invasive plant species and pollen levels...

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  8. Climate change means wetter winters

    Tuesday 24 November 2009, 16:49

    Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

    Earlier this Autumn we enjoyed some fine and warm weather but its all a distant memory now with flooded fields and swollen rivers a feature of the countryside.

    I bet most of you will be glad to see the back of November. In a recent blog I mentioned the poet T. S. Elliot who described November as being...

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  9. BBC Wales' Green Season

    Tuesday 17 November 2009, 15:12

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Some of you may have spotted the TV adverts currently going out on BBC One Wales to promote our new Green Season this month, which will be looking at how Wales is dealing with global warming and environmental issues.

    There are a number of programmes both on Radio Wales and TV as well as a new dedicated...

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  10. '350' Snowdon protest

    Monday 26 October 2009, 14:32

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    On October 24, '350' protests took place in 170 countries all over the world as a reminder for world leaders meeting at December's, Copenhagen climate change conference that people all around the world care about the issue of climate change.

    Here is what happened at Snowdon. Words and photos by our guest...

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  11. Rare birds warming to Wales?

    Friday 23 October 2009, 17:35

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Here's a nice little piece about how, rare birds are beginning to establish themselves in Wales as our climate begins to warm up.

    Find out more and listen to the interview on BBC Local - South East Wales.

    You may remember the blog I did on the rare glossy ibis which was sent in to our Flickr group?


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