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  1. Barry gets the groove

    Friday 31 August 2012, 11:46

    Jody Bourton Jody Bourton

    Phew! We're already halfway through this year's series of Autumnwatch and we've been busy criss-crossing the country solving some of nature's mysteries.

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  2. Feeling a bit ropey

    Friday 15 October 2010, 12:46

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Good news for the reds on Anglesey as specially designed rope bridges are being proposed to help prevent the squirrels from becoming road kill.

    A red squirrel by Alan Burfitt:

    The technique has already been used successfully elsewhere and it's hoped that this will allow the squirrels to move safely...

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  3. Volunteers needed for Anglesey clean-up

    Thursday 7 October 2010, 11:14

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    The National Trust is looking for volunteers to help with a clean-up and maintenance project on the Anglesey coastline this autumn.

    The volunteering days are each Friday up to and including 10 December, and the work will include work on footpaths and boundary maintenance.

    "We have arranged a series...

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  4. The Black Swan

    Thursday 12 November 2009, 16:58

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    No, it's not your local boozer or perhaps it is... but in this instance it's an unusual bird sighting!

    Black Swans are native to Australia and are the state bird of Western Australia so one to remember for your Black Swan pub quiz.

    I wonder if I could hypnotise you....if I write the words 'Black Swan...

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  5. Woman goes bananas on Anglesey

    Wednesday 28 October 2009, 09:42

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Sorry, that should have read woman 'grows' bananas on Anglesey but I wanted to grab your attention. ;)

    But yes it's true...

    Kathryn Selfe and her husband have been successfully growing a wide range of exotic fruits including mangos, limes and of course, bananas. Their secret? Polytunnels...

    Huw Jenkins...

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  6. Shades of grey

    Friday 16 October 2009, 16:20

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    The topic of grey squirrel culling seems to be something of a hot potato lately...

    Love them or hate them, this problem isn't going to go away any time soon.

    Greys are currently wiping out our native species of red squirrels but at what point do we intervene or do we just let nature take it's course...

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  7. Noble on nature: wild orchids

    Wednesday 14 October 2009, 17:27

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Just a quicky to let you know that radio presenter - Roy Noble will be chatting to orchid experts - Pat O'Reilly and Sue Parker on Thursday, 15 October between 2.30 - 3.15pm on Radio Wales.

    Here's a common spotted orchid, I photographed on Anglesey earlier this year:


    The husband and wife team have...

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  8. The Skerries

    Tuesday 9 June 2009, 19:15

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    The word "Skerry" is the Scottish diminutive of the Old Norse word "sker", meaning a small rocky reef or island.

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  9. The aliens have landed

    Tuesday 9 June 2009, 11:32

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    It was a cold, dark night when they came down from the sky....

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  10. Tern sandwiches

    Tuesday 9 June 2009, 10:42

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    One of the filming locations this year will be Cemlyn Bay. As you'll already know from my last informative blog this place is full of terns.

    Listen to sandwich terns at Cemlyn Bay:

    In order to see this content you need to have both Javascript enabled and Flash installed. Visit BBC Webwise for full...

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  11. Cliff hangers

    Monday 8 June 2009, 13:44

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Chris Watson has been out to South Stack to record the sounds of the nesting sea bird colonies.


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  12. Blue lagoon

    Monday 8 June 2009, 11:31

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    Cemlyn Bay is situated on the northern tip of the Anglesey and consists of a crescent shaped pebble beach edged by sea kale, beet, thrift and other hardy marine plants.

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  13. South Stack

    Friday 5 June 2009, 16:40

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    I've just returned from South Stack - an RSPB stronghold with a superb look out tower overlooking the sea cliffs, where nesting guillemots hang precariously to cliff faces, defying gravity.

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  14. The Isle of Druids

    Friday 5 June 2009, 16:16

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    The springwatch army has marched north, to the isle of Anglesey or 'Ynys Mon' as it's known in Welsh.

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