Wildfowl and wetlands

Monday 14 May 2012, 11:23

Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

I visited the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Llanelli on Saturday, my maiden voyage and had a great time.

It's a part of Carmarthenshire that I don't really know, so it was nice to finally see it in the flesh and the sunny weather definitely helped.

My three year old loved it and I was surprised at how tame and tolerant the ducks.

I've not see such docile creatures since I visited the Galapagos Islands, where you literally have to step over nesting boobies and marine iguanas to make any progress on each island.

Many of the ducks will feed from the hand too so keep one eye on your sandwiches.

Back to the wetlands and pretty much every duck was met with a 'hello duckie!' from my son, followed by a spot of close quarter eyeballing. Apart from the odd hiss (mainly from the South American geese) we passed through unscathed.

Geese at the WWT

Geese at the WWT

He also got to grips with my binoculars although I'm still not 100% sure what he actually saw!

There were dozens of exotic ducks from all over the world - South America, Australia, Tundra, Europe etc as well as Caribbean flamingo which were a big hit.

We saw black swans, bewick's swans, eider ducks, countless moorhens and coots with their young, shelducks and plenty I'd never heard of.

In the woods surrounding the enclosures I also spotted a blackcap and chiffchaff.

Sadly I didn't get to explore the wilder wetland areas of the 66 hectare site as there is only so much a three year old can handle but I'd love to go back and spend a lot more time there.


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